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Datasaabs Vänner (Datasaab´s Friends) is a non-profitmaking society aiming to promote education and historical research for the public good within the area of computer technology from the 1950-th and on, focused on the region of Linköping (Sweden), and the former Datasaab company.

     Datasaabs Vänner
        The board 
The members of the board and the different responsibility areas.

     The history of Datasaab
        Summary of the Datasaab history
        Historical Papers
  The Datasaab Historical Books A presentation of the five books describing the Datasaab history.
      The Datasaab Historical Archive The reason why a historical archive was created and where to find it.
     Picture Gallery Pictures of products developed and produced by Datasaab.
      D21/D22 Music Listen to music produced on D21/D22.

        Activities during 2014
Calendar of Datasaab's Vänner.

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